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May 17- The Night Before

Hello all! I just figured out how to set up this blog and I’m sitting in my living room checking in to my two flights for tomorrow. If you don’t know, I’m going to NEW ZEALAND!! For five weeks! I’ll be traveling with a group of eight Wake Forest students and my Elementary Education Technology professor, Dr. Cunningham. We are going over there to work in schools all across the country to observe the different learning styles of the children. I will be taking a class called Education Psychology (for 3 credits) while I’m there and I’m so excited! Everything is packed and ready to go, I’ll be leaving the house tomorrow morning to head to Charlotte, NC. My first flight is with Delta, I have a layover in Atlanta and then I’ll head straight to LAX in California. There, I have seven hours to check my luggage, find my group, eat some dinner, and waste some time before I board Quantas airlines for a very very long flight to New Zealand. According to my travel agent’s email, I will be departing LAX at 11:40 pm, arriving in Auckland, New Zealand at 8:10 am (2 days later). Loooooong flight, thank goodness I should be sleeping for most of it. When it is 2pm here in North Carolina, it will be 6am the next day over in New Zealand. Oh, and did I mention I’ll be going from summer here in the States to early winter over there! My jacket is packed right on top and will definitely be pulled out in Auckland in the airport! More to come on my experience in the airport, saying goodbye, going through terminals and across seas, and finally arriving in the awesome country of NZ. Check back in every few days for updates, pictures, and videos! Much love.


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