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June 14- sitting in a courtyard

It has been such a long two days it seems like. Yesterday was Sunday and I woke up pretty early thanks to one oft roommates. It was all good though we had to be out of rooms by 10am. I was packed the night before and ready to go. After I got bags locked in the little room the hostel provided, I walked to one of the bus stops close by and waited for a bus. One going the right way finally came about 20 minutes later and I paid 2 dollars to ride it up to the street with the cable car. I found the right stop, got off and walked up to the cable car station. The car went straight up the hill making a couple of stops first before getting to the top. Of course the view of Wellington was amazing from this height and I got some pretty awesome pictures. When I was finished being a tourist, I went into the observatory and planetarium. There was a 45 minute show in a cool theater with reclined seats and a 360 view of the movie. It was about the journey and exploration into space and I thought it was really neat. The planetarium also had some cool exhibits and short videos on space, the planets, and the universe. When I was finished going through it all, I caught the next cable car back down the hill and mad some lunch in the hostel. We were allowed to stay down in the first level for as long as we wanted. Our bus was scheduled to pick us up around 5:30 so I had a few hours to relax. I walked across the street to the grocery store at one point and bought some chocolate fish, like strawberry marshmallows covered in chocolate, super yummy. Our bus finally came and drove the group to the airport. New zealand is so different than US flight regulations. You check yourself and your bags in, find your gate (only one out of three) and then wait to be called to go throuh security and board the plane. We only waited about 20 minutes and we were let on the plane. I had a middle seat in between two of the girls on our trip. The flight was only an hour or so long but we had o fly lower than normal because of the ash cloud from the volcano in chile. After a slightly bumpy landing, we caught a van out to our hostel which was another 20 minute drive into the country. Our hostel used to be an old hospital back in the early 1910s. It’s super cold all the time and their heaters only run for abou three hours every day. 

Today I walked around the city for a few hours after sleeping in until 11, which is the latest I’ve slept in for the whole trip. I decided that I wanted to go on a horse ride while I was here, so I walked to the visitors center and booked a ride with a horse farm for tomorrow. I am super excited about this!!! I’m going to have to catch a bus out to point chalmers and then a van from the horse farm will pick me up from the bus stop and drive me the rest of the way. I’m going on a two hour ride through the farm and then down to the beach. It should be awesome. Wednesday our group is touring the Cadbury chocolate factory that’s right down the road from main street in Dunedin. Yum for samples!! Then early Thursday morning we are getting on a plane to go from Dunedin to Auckland, staying in a hotel for the night then boarding the big plane around 1 on Friday to come back to the    States. What a busy last few days! I dont have Internet and I wrote this blog on an iPod, so sorry for any mistakes in spelling and typing. This might be my last post before I get back in country, but I’ll be sure to include any updates from now until then when I can. 


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