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June 1- First day of Winter

I have done sooo much reading today! It’s been a long day in the staffroom, that’s for sure. I didn’t get much sleep last night, even though I went to bed pretty early around 10. The other girls were in and out and then something super confusing happened around 3am. So I was sleeping and I heard some phone beeping and woke up. One of the girls was moving around and grabbed her shower bag, towel, opened the door and disappeared for about 30 minutes. I had fallen asleep again, but woke up when she came back. I heard her move around for about another 20 minutes, getting dressed, fixing her hair, doing her makeup, all kinds of morning activities. The whole time, I keep checking my iPod and counting back 8 hours to make sure that it really was only 3am in the morning and I wasn’t super confused on the time. Then strangely, she took off her clothes, put on pjs and then climbed in bed and turned off the light. I had absolutely no idea about what was going on, but finally I fell back asleep. This morning I woke up and got a shower myself and when she was up and moving around, I asked her what in the world happened last night. She got really confused too, thought it was 6:30am and that she was going to be late getting downstairs to the bus. So, she took a full shower and got completely ready, just to turn around and go right back to bed for another 3 hours. Needless to say, I don’t feel so bad about getting my laundry mixed up now.

I’m almost finished with my assigned reading, I’ll be taking the test probably next Monday. Whenever Dr. Cunningham gets finished writing it, I’ll be taking it! We’ve been collaborating about it for a few days now, so I’m not too worried about it. Grilled cheese sandwiches went really well, they were a great hit! I think I made about 20 in 10 minutes! It was crazy in that kitchen, but it’s big enough, (bigger than King Drug) so it went great!

My movie went really well, it is going to be shown on their news in school tomorrow. It’s called PENN and all the students on the news crew are completely responsible for compiling videos, music, and recording themselves. It’s really awesome! But to answer the question, YES! I will be able to show it when I get home. If I can, I’ll post it up on facebook for you all to see even easier. It might be too big though. I’ll figure it out.

Tonight, we are going to eat at the Burt’s house, the principal and the ICT (techonology) person, his wife. We are supposedly eating “a kiwi farmer’s dinner” and I have NO idea what all that means, but I’ll post on that tomorrow. I’m probably going to be in the staff room again tomorrow until I complete all my reading, hopefully I can get it all finished! (Well I know I can and will, just depends on when). If anything interesting happens from now and then, I’ll post another blog! Friday, we are leaving to head to Rotorua for a few days, then to Wellington, Dunedin and HOME on the 17th! I love it here, but I’m ready to be back too! Today is the first day of winter here, so I’m going to be shocked by the weather when I get off the plane!


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  1. hey Laura, nothing much going on here in Fville except a lot of hot weather.. 96 today and we were suffering!! It’s funny that today was your 1st day of Winter!! I love reading everything going on with you and your friends,, it’s such a pleasure. love you bunches, possum

    Comment by Possum Thomas | June 1, 2011 | Reply

  2. This is the funniest story ever Laura! Poor girl! She will definitely have a big laugh with her friends and family when she gets home and tells them about her “getting ready for school” 3 1/2 hours too early experience!!!
    You will be taking your test tomorrow, which will be Sunday, June 5 for us. I will be thinking of you and I know that you will be fine… let me know how it goes!! We are really excited to see your movie when it is complete!
    So how did the “Kiwi farmer’s dinner” go at Burt’s house?
    Yes, my dear, you will CERTAINLY be SHOCKED by the weather here in the states!! We are experiencing 90 degree days and we are burning up! It looks sooo strange to see you in your winter coat and scarf in the Facebook pics! I am working in the yard with shorts on, a T-shirt, a baseball cap, TONS of sun screen and sweating like a PIG!!! It is so exciting to see all of the pictures that you have been posting and reading your blogs! I would love to print all of your blogs out so we can save them and read them when you are my age! Remembering the wonderful things (and some not so wonderful…HAHA!) you experienced in your NEW ZEALAND DAYS!! We all miss you, but want you to enjoy every minute where you are.. I know that you are learning so much and experiencing another whole culture and part of the world! Not many people have that opportunity! Thank you for setting up this blog for us.. it helps to feel close to you. I can not wait to hear more of your adventures Ladybug! Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite (and don’t bring any back home either! haha!) I luv you! ❤

    Comment by Donna Collins | June 5, 2011 | Reply

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