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May 31- In the Library

Today is going to be a little bit different for me. I’m sitting in the library at Pt. England now converting all of my video files to avi so that I can edit them in a program I have. Dr. Cunningham asked me to make a movie for the school of our experience here for the past two weeks. So last night, everyone dropped all their pictures and videos onto my laptop and it’s now my job to compile everything into movie maker, add transitions, music, and the edited video clips before tomorrow! It’s a big job, but pretty exciting. I made a few movies of different things in technology methods class last semester, so Dr. Cunningham has faith! While I’m waiting on all these videos to convert, I’m going to catch up on the reading I have to do for my class. I’ll be taking my test at the beginning of next week and I still have about 3 chapters left to cover. It’s so hard to find the motivation and brain power to read at night, especially with chatty girls as roommates. So that’s why I’m taking a  break from being in a classroom for the day, and possibly tomorrow too.

Yesterday was pretty much the same as Friday, nothing super special happened that was worth commenting on. I am working in a year 5 classroom currently and helping with reading, writing, and math lessons. The class is  broken into learning groups depending on their abilities which makes it easy to work with individuals on their level. That’s how the whole school operates and sometimes it can get crazy with the other part of the class not staying on task (because the teacher is focusing only on her small group) but for the most part, it works.

I am super tired today for some reason, so I can tell it’s going to be a slow day. I made dinner last night for the group- grilled cheese and soup. It got a little overwhelming with so many people hovering around waiting on sandwiches (I could only cook three at a time) but I just switched back to King Drug mode and was able to do it pretty well. Everyone said they were really good, so I’m happy it went well. I’m going to keep working and maybe post more a little later when I get back to the hostel after school. Tonight, we are cooking breakfast for dinner so that should be good! I’ll  catch you guys later  : )


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