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May 29- Two desserts

Today has been such a wonderful Sunday. I woke up around 8 and went ahead and got dressed (I took a shower last night, so I still felt clean!) Beth and I went to the the supermarket called Countdown and bought food for tomorrow’s dinner. We found white american cheese, fresh white bread (I know Mama, not as healthy as whole-wheat), and three different kinds of soups, tomato and basil, vegetable and barley, and country chicken. I’m so excited to start cooking! I hope everyone really likes it, I’m sure they will though, it’s something familiar and not Asian (haha). Dr. Cunningham came with us to help out with dessert, she bought toppings for ice cream that we had a few nights ago (there was still over half of the five gallon box that was purchased), and cookies to crumble up on top. I also went grocery shopping for myself for the week and bought some good things for lunch. I’ll be eating, surprise surprise: peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, kiwis, chewy granola bars, raisins, and triple choc biscuits (cookies). I also bought shampoo, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. I know you are probably wondering why I had to add those to my cart because I DEFINITELY thought to pack those before the trip. Well let me tell you. So I learned that if you leave your stuff on the bathroom counter and forget to get it for a few hours (or while you are away for the whole day at school), they will be thrown away. But! For the past few days, I’ve been looking in the bathroom shower stalls and taking the leftover forgotten things that people left behind. How cool is that? I mean, they would have been thrown away anyway, so I was just helping the cleaning staff out. Unfortunately, the shampoo and soap ran out pretty quickly so I had to invest in some of my own. I had been using a travel toothpaste and toothbrush which didn’t last for very long, so I had to buy those too.

That concludes our trip to the grocery store, other than the fact that it took FOREVER it seemed like to walk back up the huge hill to the hostel with all those soup cans on my back. Beth calculated it on her computer and from the hostel to the grocery store is about 1.7 miles. I am definitely getting a workout over here, that’s for sure. After we put up the groceries, I made some lunch for myself and read some from my book. Then I went upstairs and took a nap for about an hour while Beth was blogging and catching up on emails. Everyone else went the arts district, but all that’s there are art galleries and little coffee shops, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much (and did I mention that it’s about a 30 minute walk uphill? I was completely walked out for the morning.) I took a shower after I woke up and then hung out in my room. I got to skype phone call my parents which was super nice.  Then Meagan, Beth, and I walked down to Japa Deli to eat dinner and I ate salmon sushi rolls and a garden salad. YUM! I meant to take a picture but by the time I remembered, my plate was clean. Opps! We decided we were still hungry for dessert and walked to that super good ice cream place we ate at last night. I got “dulce de leche” or caramelized ice cream with “dazzlicious” which is basically like a reece’s cup (Mama and Aunt Wally, you would’ve LOVED this). After, we started walking back to the hostel and passed a Mrs. Higgins cookie place. Every day it smells soooo good and we never have time to stop so tonight we decided that even though we already had one dessert it was ok to make room for two. When we got there though, it was closed and we were so sad. So we settled on warm cookies from McDonalds and called it a night.


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  1. I WANT TO GO TO NEW ZEALAND AND EAT SOME FUN THINGS AND EXPERIENCE EXCITING EXPERIENCES LIKE YOU LOU!!!! How did the grilled cheese sandwiches and soup turn out?? How many are you cooking for? Just your group? Is there a kitchen in the hostel? YOU ARE GOING TO TURN INTO A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH GIRL!!!! At least it is filled with lots of good protein, which you DEFINITELY need to keep up your energy from the marathon walking you are doing!! I love hearing about all the great foods you are experiencing on the weekends. I guess you need to make up for those week days of PB sandwiches and bananas!
    We had a GREAT weekend. I wanted to send the graduation pics of Luke, but it will just have to wait. He looked AWESOME in his cap and gown! We stayed pretty busy at the cottage… ( Luke and Caleb’s 6 buddies and MiMi, Caleb’s girlfriend.) Bub went to the farm and had a good time shooting with Joe and Mis. He was really impressed with Mis’s shooting skills! Met them for dinner at Bella’s. We will have to take you sometime so you can get the shrimp Alfredo!!! It was AMAZING!! Wally and I split a meal. (Good salad and bread too!) I thought about you! Stayed up pretty late. You would have been proud of me.. I pretended that I knew how to play poker and SOMEHOW played several games with all the guys! Just acted like I knew what I was doing!! HAHA!! SO FUNNY!! We didn’t have a chance to get in the water, but I did stick my toe in and it felt nice!
    Back home now and need to unpack, then wash clothes and believe it or not, I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO PUT DETERGENT IN MY WASHER WHEN I WASH!!! HAHA! Then need to REPACK and get ready to head out for the good’ole city of Troy, Illinois! Can’t wait to skype again with you tonight!! Have a good week at school! Always look forward to hearing about your adventures! How’s the weather? Love you Sweetie! Talk to you soon!

    Comment by Donna Collins | May 29, 2011 | Reply

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