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May 28- Sitting on my bed

It’s about 9pm and I’m just hanging out in my room with some of the girls from my group. We are all catching up on blogs and working on school stuff for the next week. After the farmers market, we went shopping a little bit and I got a cute outfit! Black pants that are flowy and super comfortable, a tank top for TWO dollars and super cute green “jumper” or sweater. Then we walked up the street to some consignment shops and ate this amazing pizza for “dinner” although it was only around 4pm. Some of our group kept shopping and the rest went back to the hostel. I decided to do some laundry and man, is that a story. So here’s what happened:

I took all my dirty clothes down in a bag and put them in. You have to pay to use the washer and drier so I put my coins in, but two got stuck. So I went down the hall to the front desk to see if they could fix it and the guy took out a knife and went to go shove them down. Before he did that, he pressed the coin return button and all the coins just came out. I was like “oh!” and he said, did you not try that? Of course I didn’t. So I get my clothes in and walk back upstairs to wait for about 35 minutes. During that time, I was talking to the girls and we were sharing high school stories and just getting to know each other. Well the time passed by and I went back downstairs to put my clothes in from the washer to the drier. My cycle still had two minutes left so I opened the door to the other machine to see if there were any clothes that I needed to get out. I was so confused when I saw a cup of detergent on the side that was full of soap ready to wash clothes. Then I figured out that I am the dumbest person on earth. I put my dirty clothes into the drier first, so I just had really hot dirty clothes and I paid 3 dollars for that. So. I march back upstairs, grab 4 more dollars, put my still dirty clothes in the WASHER and tried to actually WASH my clothes. Well then after that cycle, I put the clothes in the drier and walk down the street to get some organic ice cream. (It was soooooo good! I’m going back tomorrow night!!! And I’m coming back home with 20 pounds attached to my hips.) So I go up to the room when we get back and then remember my laundry is probably finished so I run downstairs only to remember that I needed something to put my clothes in to carry upstairs. So I trudge BACK upstairs, grab my rain jacket, fold my clothes into my jacket and FINALLY my laundry is finished and clean!

Tomorrow Beth and I are going to the grocery store to buy things for soup and grilled cheese since we are cooking on Monday. Then we are going to the Parnel, the arts district and having another relaxing afternoon! More to come on what happens!


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  1. LOL!! Laura, you should have a videographer following you around for your own reality show,or, I’d buy any book on the market you’ll write and your Mom illustrates,, gear it from a child’s perspective with you as the little girl in a new country.. it would sell in the schools like hot cakes! keepum coming! possum

    Comment by Possum Thomas | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. OH MY GRACIOUS LAURA!!!! I have read this so many times and get so tickled everytime I read it! Your clothes washing experience is hilarious!! ONLY YOU SWEETIE!!!! HAHA! Oh, BTW, I am at Aunt Walleys house on her computer and using her comment page…I hope this goes through!
    I apologize for not being able to write the past couple of days… things really have been crazy! Luke’s graduaton ceremony was really nice! He sang a beautiful song with a group of people and looked so amazing in his cap and gown. Afterward, A. Wally and I took the decorations to the restaurant and decorated the party room and it looked GREAT! We were really feeling your absence! It is Saturday morning now and we are getting ready to head to E-town. Bubbie is going to take a gun to the farm that Joe and Mis bought and teach them how to use it and clean it.
    I am enjoying reading your blogs so much everyday and they make me want to jump on a plane and fly over to NZ! YOu are experiencing so many wonderful things in the PT England School with those sweet little ones! I can tell they are falling in love with the lady from the States! It’s AWESOME that you are finding great places to snack and shop on the weekends!
    Bub and I plan on heading back to Pinnacle Sunday and repack because we are going to drive to Illinois to see the McKeithan’s. We were really hoping to go July 5-9 so that you could go with us, but when I found out that they are moving during that time, I knew it wouldn’t be convenient for them. Last week, Bub that the OK from work that he can take vacation time for us to go. Our plan is to leave early Monday morning, the 30th and come back Friday, the 3rd. We will miss having you in the car to entertain us! Getting ready to pack up for E-town.. I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your weekend! When do you fly to your next location? Enjoy your time Sweetie! I miss you terribly and love you more! Always, Mama

    Comment by Donna Collins | May 28, 2011 | Reply

  3. Well…… that was certainly entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Gary Collins | May 30, 2011 | Reply

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