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May 28- It’s a day to relax

It’s a little past 12 in the afternoon and I’ve already been so busy! I am back at my room for a few minutes to take a rest and regroup before the rest of the day. I woke up a little before 8, got a shower and headed downstairs to catch up on some reading for my class. My room was completely asleep until about 9:30 when I went back up to organize my suitcase. (It was getting a little mess, but it’s hard living out of a bag!) Around 11, Beth and I walked down to meet Dr. Cunningham. We walked with some others from our group down to the farmers market and I bought some Pink Lady freshly picked apples!! YUM!! They are the best apples I have ever eaten in my life! Then I bought a smoothie made with fresh mango, pineapple, banana, and soy milk. I got a picture so that will be posted on facebook later tonight! We walked back up the hill to the hostel and now we are waiting on some laundry to dry, then Beth, Dr. Cunningham and I are going to walk to Cotton On, a clothing store that has AMAZING discounts and to the bookstore for a leisurely afternoon (Bubbie, be jealous, they have the biggest Borders in all of New Zealand about 3 blocks down the street! It’s three levels!!) I’ll post more if anything super interesting happens today, it probably won’t though. I’m taking a break from lots of walking and doing, it’s going to be a busy week and then for the rest of the trip we will be exploring! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Friday night. Congratulations to Luke for your big day!! Wish I could’ve been there, but sending my love from NZ. ❤

PS- Just busted a little part of my lip on my laptop, shed a little blood, but I’ll survive! Lesson learned: Don’t move too quickly with a laptop corner close to your face.

Oh! And let me share a joke with you that I learned yesterday…

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was born with just a head. He was a happy boy though and loved his life. One day, a genie popped up and gave him a wish. This little boy was so excited, he knew just what he was going to wish for. He told the genie that he would love to have a body for his head. So, poof! The boy with the head now had a body. He was kind of disappointed though because he still couldn’t move around, so he wished for two arms. Poof! The boy with the head and body now had two arms. He thought that would make him happy, but he still couldn’t run like he had seen all the other children do. So, for his last wish, he wished for two legs. Poof! The boy was so excited about his new body, arms, and legs that he ran into the street jumping and shouting and BAM! was hit by a bus and died. The moral of this story: stop while you are ahead. (Get it?? Ahead… a head. HA!)


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  1. Well, lol… along with great food, beautiful landscapes, fantastic water scenes, smart kids and teachers, you are sporting a NZ sense of humor!! hehe!! 🙂

    Comment by Possum Thomas | May 28, 2011 | Reply

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