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May 28- It’s the weekend!

Today went by so quickly! Last night I went to bed at 7pm, woke up after an hour when several of the girls in my room started playing music, stayed up for another hour and fell fast asleep from 9-6:30 this morning. Needless to say, I was well rested for the day, which was a wonderful feeling! After taking a shower, getting dressed, and making my breakfast and lunch, we walked down the street to the bus station. We’ve finally gotten a hang of the system and are making all of our buses to get to and from the school! It’s still about a 30-40 minute ride each way, but it gives me time to rest and enjoy the wonderful view of the city and part of the country. Today was assembly for the school which meant that every student, teacher, and administrator gathered together in the hall or gym and watched for an hour as weekly awards were presented, songs were song, and message about a particular topic was given. This weeks’ message was about recycling and “can it in the bin” or throw it away! After assembly, the Wake Forest students were called to the office for a meeting with the principal. We were allowed to ask any questions we had about the school, the country, or any of the procedures that we have seen so far in the week. That lasted until tea time and by the time we made it to the staff lounge, it was time to go back to class! I got to be with grade 5 for the rest of the day and it was so much fun! They have such interesting and funny little personalities! I worked with a group on a math lesson and then it was lunch time. I ate my usual peanut butter and bagel sandwich, cookies, and a special K bar. After lunch was reading time and I got to read to my class! They thought it was so funny when I stopped reading the book to ask a question about a certain sport that was mentioned in the story. Most of the students thought I was crazy for never hearing of it before. I can’t remember what it was called, I know it started with a “q” and Ms. Squires said it was something like our game of horseshoes. After reading, the students broke up into groups of two or three and worked on writing and editing their blogs about swimming. I worked with a girl named Martha to edit her writing and that lasted until the end of the school day. When the bell rang, I headed down to the staff room and sat in on a meeting about special needs children throughout the school. The district manager of the special needs children came to talk to the team leaders about who is progressing, who needs to be checked up on, and who needed to be evaluated to be added to the list. It was a pretty interesting meeting to listen to, very long though. We left the school around 5:20, caught the 5:45 bus at the bus stop about 3 blocks down the road and then headed back the Britamart bus station on Queen street. As I mentioned before, we at dinner at an Asian mart type place. I got something called the chicken lunch box and it was really good! It had deep fried chicken strips, salad with ginger dipping dressing, teryaki chicken with mixed grilled veggies, and steamed rice. Yum!!! Then Beth (one of my friends) and I went to Borders for two hours until they closed at 10. I bought three childrens’ books and they are sooo precious!! Pictures to come on Facebook later! Then we walked back to the room, hung out with some of the other people from our group before they went out on the town. I decided to stay in and work on my classwork before tomorrow so I can go have some fun! We are going back to the farmer’s market and possible the Parnel which is the arts district (lots of cool little Maori shops). I’ll keep the updates coming! Goodnight (or goodmorning) all!


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  1. WOW!! Sounds like you are still catching up from that jet lag Ladybug! What a BUSY and productive day! It is nice that you have extra time on the bus going to school in the morning and afternoon. It gives you time for reflection! I am so thankful that God worked it out for you to be able to go to this wonderful part of His world!
    I think it is great that the school has a weekly assembly! Fifth grade is such a fun age! You don’t have to tie shoes, or dry eyes that are missing Mommy, but you can actually relate to this age and they are becoming little independent thinkers and doers! I am SURE that they all got a kick out of Ms. Mayerchak! I remember fifth grade being one of your favorite grades as a child!
    I know after having peanut butter bagels everyday that your outting to the Asian Mart was a VERY PLEASANT experience! YUM! Your dinner selections sounded DELISH!! Bubbie and I are looking forward to our next skype with you! I pray for everyone’s safety, good health, and LOTS of learning! I love you Lou… TAKE IT ALL IN!

    *The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore! Psalm 121:8

    Comment by Donna Collins | June 5, 2011 | Reply

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