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May 25- It looks like rain

School just ended and I’m sitting in the teachers’ lounge relaxing until the bus comes. Tomorrow I am leaving my Room 1 and heading down the hall to Room 11 with the 10 year olds! It should be an interesting switch! Yesterday was so long but it was pretty great just the same. When we got to school, my class was working with reading and writing, they had tea time which is when they are allowed to eat something small from their lunch box and then play for the rest of the time (about 20 minutes). Then they did some math and story time before lunch at 1pm. The whole school eats at 1, gets 15 minutes to eat lunch (or longer if they need) and then they play until 2pm on the fields near the school. Yesterday after lunch, I walked out to the field to play with some of the older students at the school and all the girls seemed to love my hair! They couldn’t stop touching it or asking me TONS of questions! The favorite topic was Disneyworld, it was pretty funny. All of them have enormous families! About 9 to 10 siblings. We are in some of the poorest school districts now working with the children who need it most. Today was generally the same as yesterday and tomorrow I will be coming to school for a meeting at 9 about special needs children and how this school adapts for them through the curriculum. Should be interesting! It’s about time to pack up and catch the bus so I’ll post tomorrow or maybe some tonight. A group of us are cooking tacos for dinner at the hostel, I’m looking forward to it!


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  1. WOW! I know you must be exhausted by the time you walk back to the hostel each day! It will DEFINITELY be an eye opener going from working with the little ones to moving on to 10yr. olds!! It’s hard to believe how many breaks the class is allowed to take! This is soooo good though, so the children (and staff!) will be able to get through the day. That was always one thing that I felt our classes needed more of..break time to re-group! Is there ever a child that forgets their lunch or doesn’t have lunch for the day? Does the school have something available if that happens? Does the school have play equipment since it is a poor district or do the children have to use their imagination with their play time? I would love to know what you learn in your meeting about special needs children, how the school adapts for them and how it is different from the US!
    Have you had to walk to the little market/grocery store again since your first visit or are you eating bagels and PJ every day for lunch??? haha Enjoy your tacos tonight! I am so glad that you are able to experience another culture in this world! I would love to be there with you!
    Bubbie and I are fine. Had PawPaw over for dinner and play time on Bandit’s last night here. He played with him sooo long that Bandit was so out of breath, that he just fell over and had to rest! So Cute! Bubbie and I are leaving early Friday morning to go to Luke’s graduation. It is at 12:00 and then Wally and I are going to put out the recycled party decorations from your graduation at the restaurant. She will have to buy new balloons though. Yours only lasted through Caleb’s graduation. 🙂 We will spend the night in Fayetteville and then go to the farm Sat. morning to visit and let Mis practice shooting a gun that Joe is buying from Bubbie.
    I will write more, but need to keep some things done. I love reading your blogs, seeing all of the pics that you are taking and learning all about your life in NZ!!!! I miss you, but know that you are learning so much there!
    PS…. guess who was starting to bloom while you were here, then completely shut down and is not doing ANYTHING! That plant KNOWS when you are here and when you are not!!! It’s so sad looking! Be safe! I love you Sweetie!

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