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May 23- Point England Primary School

Today was so awesome!!!! I woke up at 5:30am to start getting ready, took a shower, got dressed, made my lunch (bagel with peanut butter, apple, and granola bar) and then ate some oatmeal for breakfast. The group left the hostel to make the 20 minute walk to the bus station around 7. Our bus left us, but thankfully, there was another one that was going to the same place that we caught instead. It took about 30 minutes to make it out of the city, through part of the country and down to the school. We were 20 minutes early so two of the school girls showed us the area around the school because we weren’t allowed into the school until the ceremony started. At 8:45 we were greeted at the gate and led into the “hall” or gym. About 20 of the children in the 6th and 7th grade gave the coolest Maori tribal greeting. After they prayed in their native language, danced, and sang, it was my turn to speak to the school since I was chosen by my professor to be a “tribe leader” of our group. My speech went really well, I just said good morning, asked the school how they were and then thanked them for welcoming us into their school and their country. As a group, we presented them with the Moravian star because it is part of our culture around Wake. I then explained why the star was so important and its meaning to the Moravian people. Afterward, we shook hands and kissed cheeks of all the administrators and then were led into formal tea. Tea is sooo awesome and should be made mandatory to ALL schools everywhere! All the teachers have the time to come into the teacher lounge, drink coffee or tea, and eat scones that are laid out on the center table. We were showed around the school and I went into my classroom. I am in Room 1 which is a “new entry” room. In New Zealand, students start school on their 5th birthday, no matter where it falls in the year. They are placed in the new entry rooms and caught up with the rest of the class. My class has 18 students (which is the cap for all new entry classes) and they are all so precious. I got to work with a small group of them for reading (they kept asking me to read pages over and over again because my accent was “so funny”). I even got to teach a math lesson about counting to 10 and grouping objects. It was so cool!! Then we went to tea at 11, when the students went out to play or eat something small from their lunch boxes. Lunch is at 1 and after lunch, the school has organized sport teams practice for about 30 minutes. The children get tons of outside time, which is great for their energy levels. The last hour and a half went by so quickly. My class was learning about healthy eating and Ms. George (my teacher) made whole wheat sandwiches with baby lettuce, red ripe tomatoes, and “tasty” cheese for the children to eat before they went home. Tomorrow they are going to write a story about what they ate today and how it was healthy. Pt. England has faculty meetings every Monday and our group got to stay and listen. It was all about different uses of Google and was pretty informational. Around 4:30 we walked down to the bus station, caught the bus back to the Britamart train station on Queen street, then trekked all the way back up hill to the hostel. A few girls are cooking a spaghetti dinner (my turn to cook is next Wednesday, I’m doing soups and grilled cheese!) and then I’m heading to bed. It’s going to be another early morning!


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  1. Hi Laura! Let me know if you get this comment. If you do, then, I will write. It wasn’t going through the other day for some reason… will wait to see if this works… Love you!!! ❤

    Comment by Donna Collins | May 23, 2011 | Reply

    • It works! I just have to approve the comments

      Comment by lmmayerchak | May 24, 2011 | Reply

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