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May 22- Auckland Domain

Wow!! Are my legs and back tired tonight! I have done more walking around in these past two days than I think I ever have in my life! And this city is very up and down with MASSIVE hills to climb. My calves are definitely going to be in shape when I come home! Today, I woke up around 7:15 and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. I had an apple that I bought at the farmer’s market yesterday and a half bagel with peanut butter. VERY yummy. Then I got to skype with my parents, it was so nice seeing them. : ) Afterwards, the group met up at one of the tables and planned our day. We decided to go grocery shopping because we won’t have lunches provided at the school we are observing in. It’s about a 20 minute walk down to the ONLY grocery store in the area and boy, was it busy today! Supposedly Sundays are the biggest days to stock up on groceries. I bought some oatmeal packs for breakfasts, some snack “choc biscuits” or chocolate cookies, a few bananas, some apples, and a snickers bar for the long trek back up the hill to the hostel. We put our stuff away and then headed up the hill some more (about another 20 minute walk) to visit the Auckland Domain museum. It closed at 5pm, so we only had about 2 hours to go through all the exhibits, but it was wonderful! (And it was free!) Our group walked back down and stopped to eat dinner at a chinese restaurant. I ordered noodles and “bean sauce” on the side. The bean sauce was very strange, but I ate most of it mixed in with my noodles. Tomorrow is the first day at Point England Primary and I was chosen by Dr. Cunningham to be the “tribe leader” and give a welcome/thank you speech to the students there. We are going to be greeted by an original Maori tribal ceremony (presented by the students) and then we are expected to give a gift, sing a song, and give a speech. So I’m going to go figure out what I’m going to wear, brush my teeth, and head to bed for a big day tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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