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May 21- Sightseeing in Auckland and Devonport

Today I woke up around 7am and could NOT go back to sleep. So I got up quietly so I wouldn’t wake my roommates and took a super nice hot shower. I took my laptop and class book down into the breakfast/eating/table area of the hostel and uploaded all of my pictures so far (check out my facebook to see all of those). Serena, a girl in my group came down about the same time and we talked about our trip so far and what to expect in the next few weeks. Point England Primary School won’t be providing lunch, so we decided it would be a good idea to find something like a grocery store around and buy some things for our lunches. Ethan, the only guy from our group, and Dr. Cunningham joined us as we left. Not too far down Queen street (where our housing is located) we found a fresh farmer’s market and it was sooo neat! There was even live music to listen to while we sampled and shopped. I bought some bagels and homemade peanut butter for sandwiches and then split a bag of apples with Dr. Cunningham. It was a neat little environment to be a part of. Afterwards, we walked back to the room and met the rest of our group for brunch at a place called Mecca. It was a really nice restaurant and I ordered french toast while was sooo delicious! The group decided to take the ferry over to Devonport island (about a 15 minute ride) and check out the city over there. We did so much walking I thought my feet were going to fall off. There were cute little stores to browse in and tons of coffee shops and cafes. Most of the group decided to stay there for dinner and a movie, but Beth (one of my roommates) and I decided we were ready to go back to Auckland. We got back on the ferry and rode across to find some dinner and do a little more sightseeing for the night. We ate a place called Nandino’s and I got this really good spicy bbq chicken sandwich and chips (or french fries). Then we walked over to a Gelato shop and got a little cup. It’s kinda of like icecream, but the consistancy is different. Mine was watermelon flavored and I ate every bite! We came back to our rooms, got a fresh shower and now we’re about to head to bed! It’s been a long day. Tomorrow I’m just going to rest and get ready for my first day at Pt. England. Talk to you guys soon!

PS- the world doesn’t end on May 21st… so live it up!


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  1. Hi Laura Lou!! I am absolutely LOVING your blog posts!! You make it feel like we’re right beside you able to see, hear AND TASTE the same things you’re doing!! Thank you so much for including us in on your adventure!! Have a great day Sweetie…..and until your next entry….love and hugs are surrounding you always!!! Aunt Wally 🙂

    Comment by Aunt Wally | May 21, 2011 | Reply

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