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May 20- Where’d that day go?

It has been such a long two days and after 31 hours of straight travel, and losing a day due to time change, I’m tired! I am currently sitting in my room in the YHA international hostile in downtown Auckland, about to go to bed. And it’s only 8pm! But I’m skipping ahead, let’s go back to Wednesday when I got in the car from my house and headed to Charlotte. So Mama, Bubbie, and I loaded up and hit the road around 9am, stopped close to the airport at a Cracker Barrel to spend some time together before I got checked in. When we arrived at the airport, it seemed like we were never going to find parking. I know we drove around the parking deck about 20 minutes before Bubbie pulled into a spot on the top level (seemed like the last spot up there, too). We headed to the Delta terminal and I got my bag checked in and sent off down the conveyor belt to be loaded onto plane. Then I got in the long line for a security and carry-on check. I had no idea that would be the last time I got to say goodbye to my parents, so we hugged a few times across the ribbon partitions, teared up a bit, and finally waved after I made it through to the other side. Once I got my bag repacked and my shoes back on, I headed down to my concourse to wait for my flight to start boarding. I didn’t have to wait too long and soon enough I was seated (on a super full plane) in front of a large group of musicians flying internationally to Genovia for a concert. The first flight to Atlanta was short, only about 40 minutes and my layover time (2 hours) passed by pretty quickly. I had to switch concourses from A to T, so I hopped on a train and rode over to find my gate. According to the lady at the desk once I arrived, my plane was overbooked (I have no idea how this happens). They were asking people to switch their flights if they had flexible travel plans to a later flight into LA. I went ahead and checked in to my flight so I wouldn’t run into problems and waited about two hours before boarding. I left my watch at home so I found this really pretty white one in a store not far from my gate. Atlanta airport is kinda like a mall it’s so big with stores and restaurants all over. Once I was in my seat, I met a really nice man flying home to LA and got to watch some tv on the screens attached to my seat. (The best part was, it was free!). This flight took about 4 and a half hours which seemed like the longest time ever to me. I kept telling myself there’s a suuuuuuper long one to come. After we landed, I walked what seemed like a mile to baggage claim and finally my bag rolled around the corner. I made my way up to terminal 4, checked my bag, checked my carry-on, and found my group. I realized at this point that I didn’t want to wear jeans on this flight so I found some pretty cool Puma sweatpants (Mama, don’t worry, they weren’t too expensive) and put those on. We had to wait about five hours before they started boarding, our plane didn’t take off until around midnight LA time (3am NC time). Thankfully, I was seated next to a girl that goes to Wake and is going to be with me for the study abroad in NZ! I don’t think I made it 30 minutes into the air until I was fast asleep. Quantas Air was pretty cool though, they gave out complimentary pillows, blankets, snack bags, and headphones with access to free, current movies. They provided a dinner (but I was asleep when that came around). I slept for about 10 hours straight and woke up at 5:10am (New Zealand time, really 1:10pm NC time). I still had about three hours to go before we landed, so I watched “The King’s Speech” and “Tangled.” We ate breakfast on the plane and I was awake for this meal. I had scrambled eggs, toast, yogurt, fresh fruit, and coffee. It was decent for airplane food. We touched down in Auckland around 8:15am, had to check in with customs and we were off on the bus to our hostile. It’s a pretty nice place, four girls to a room with stacked semi-bunk beds. (I have the top, but it’s not too high, it comes to my shoulder and there’s a little latter). Bathrooms are individual on the hall, showers are in a separate room from the toilet and sink. I took a shower after we walked down to the harbor (pictures to come) and then we walked the streets until dinner. Our group at a japanese place, I had salmon sushi with soup and it was pretty good! Now everyone is back and it’s about time to head to bed. We have a brunch at 11 tomorrow and then the whole afternoon free to do whatever. Not sure what I’m going to get into, but I’m sure I’ll write about it soon! I’ll post pictures from the airport, from the air, and from the city of Auckland as soon as I can…

Mama and Bubbie, I love you!



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  1. Love your journal.. feels like we are right there with you!! Keep up the wonderful insights! love you

    Comment by Possum Thomas | May 21, 2011 | Reply

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