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May 31- In the Library

Today is going to be a little bit different for me. I’m sitting in the library at Pt. England now converting all of my video files to avi so that I can edit them in a program I have. Dr. Cunningham asked me to make a movie for the school of our experience here for the past two weeks. So last night, everyone dropped all their pictures and videos onto my laptop and it’s now my job to compile everything into movie maker, add transitions, music, and the edited video clips before tomorrow! It’s a big job, but pretty exciting. I made a few movies of different things in technology methods class last semester, so Dr. Cunningham has faith! While I’m waiting on all these videos to convert, I’m going to catch up on the reading I have to do for my class. I’ll be taking my test at the beginning of next week and I still have about 3 chapters left to cover. It’s so hard to find the motivation and brain power to read at night, especially with chatty girls as roommates. So that’s why I’m taking a  break from being in a classroom for the day, and possibly tomorrow too.

Yesterday was pretty much the same as Friday, nothing super special happened that was worth commenting on. I am working in a year 5 classroom currently and helping with reading, writing, and math lessons. The class is  broken into learning groups depending on their abilities which makes it easy to work with individuals on their level. That’s how the whole school operates and sometimes it can get crazy with the other part of the class not staying on task (because the teacher is focusing only on her small group) but for the most part, it works.

I am super tired today for some reason, so I can tell it’s going to be a slow day. I made dinner last night for the group- grilled cheese and soup. It got a little overwhelming with so many people hovering around waiting on sandwiches (I could only cook three at a time) but I just switched back to King Drug mode and was able to do it pretty well. Everyone said they were really good, so I’m happy it went well. I’m going to keep working and maybe post more a little later when I get back to the hostel after school. Tonight, we are cooking breakfast for dinner so that should be good! I’ll  catch you guys later  : )


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May 29- Two desserts

Today has been such a wonderful Sunday. I woke up around 8 and went ahead and got dressed (I took a shower last night, so I still felt clean!) Beth and I went to the the supermarket called Countdown and bought food for tomorrow’s dinner. We found white american cheese, fresh white bread (I know Mama, not as healthy as whole-wheat), and three different kinds of soups, tomato and basil, vegetable and barley, and country chicken. I’m so excited to start cooking! I hope everyone really likes it, I’m sure they will though, it’s something familiar and not Asian (haha). Dr. Cunningham came with us to help out with dessert, she bought toppings for ice cream that we had a few nights ago (there was still over half of the five gallon box that was purchased), and cookies to crumble up on top. I also went grocery shopping for myself for the week and bought some good things for lunch. I’ll be eating, surprise surprise: peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, kiwis, chewy granola bars, raisins, and triple choc biscuits (cookies). I also bought shampoo, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. I know you are probably wondering why I had to add those to my cart because I DEFINITELY thought to pack those before the trip. Well let me tell you. So I learned that if you leave your stuff on the bathroom counter and forget to get it for a few hours (or while you are away for the whole day at school), they will be thrown away. But! For the past few days, I’ve been looking in the bathroom shower stalls and taking the leftover forgotten things that people left behind. How cool is that? I mean, they would have been thrown away anyway, so I was just helping the cleaning staff out. Unfortunately, the shampoo and soap ran out pretty quickly so I had to invest in some of my own. I had been using a travel toothpaste and toothbrush which didn’t last for very long, so I had to buy those too.

That concludes our trip to the grocery store, other than the fact that it took FOREVER it seemed like to walk back up the huge hill to the hostel with all those soup cans on my back. Beth calculated it on her computer and from the hostel to the grocery store is about 1.7 miles. I am definitely getting a workout over here, that’s for sure. After we put up the groceries, I made some lunch for myself and read some from my book. Then I went upstairs and took a nap for about an hour while Beth was blogging and catching up on emails. Everyone else went the arts district, but all that’s there are art galleries and little coffee shops, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much (and did I mention that it’s about a 30 minute walk uphill? I was completely walked out for the morning.) I took a shower after I woke up and then hung out in my room. I got to skype phone call my parents which was super nice.  Then Meagan, Beth, and I walked down to Japa Deli to eat dinner and I ate salmon sushi rolls and a garden salad. YUM! I meant to take a picture but by the time I remembered, my plate was clean. Opps! We decided we were still hungry for dessert and walked to that super good ice cream place we ate at last night. I got “dulce de leche” or caramelized ice cream with “dazzlicious” which is basically like a reece’s cup (Mama and Aunt Wally, you would’ve LOVED this). After, we started walking back to the hostel and passed a Mrs. Higgins cookie place. Every day it smells soooo good and we never have time to stop so tonight we decided that even though we already had one dessert it was ok to make room for two. When we got there though, it was closed and we were so sad. So we settled on warm cookies from McDonalds and called it a night.

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May 28- Sitting on my bed

It’s about 9pm and I’m just hanging out in my room with some of the girls from my group. We are all catching up on blogs and working on school stuff for the next week. After the farmers market, we went shopping a little bit and I got a cute outfit! Black pants that are flowy and super comfortable, a tank top for TWO dollars and super cute green “jumper” or sweater. Then we walked up the street to some consignment shops and ate this amazing pizza for “dinner” although it was only around 4pm. Some of our group kept shopping and the rest went back to the hostel. I decided to do some laundry and man, is that a story. So here’s what happened:

I took all my dirty clothes down in a bag and put them in. You have to pay to use the washer and drier so I put my coins in, but two got stuck. So I went down the hall to the front desk to see if they could fix it and the guy took out a knife and went to go shove them down. Before he did that, he pressed the coin return button and all the coins just came out. I was like “oh!” and he said, did you not try that? Of course I didn’t. So I get my clothes in and walk back upstairs to wait for about 35 minutes. During that time, I was talking to the girls and we were sharing high school stories and just getting to know each other. Well the time passed by and I went back downstairs to put my clothes in from the washer to the drier. My cycle still had two minutes left so I opened the door to the other machine to see if there were any clothes that I needed to get out. I was so confused when I saw a cup of detergent on the side that was full of soap ready to wash clothes. Then I figured out that I am the dumbest person on earth. I put my dirty clothes into the drier first, so I just had really hot dirty clothes and I paid 3 dollars for that. So. I march back upstairs, grab 4 more dollars, put my still dirty clothes in the WASHER and tried to actually WASH my clothes. Well then after that cycle, I put the clothes in the drier and walk down the street to get some organic ice cream. (It was soooooo good! I’m going back tomorrow night!!! And I’m coming back home with 20 pounds attached to my hips.) So I go up to the room when we get back and then remember my laundry is probably finished so I run downstairs only to remember that I needed something to put my clothes in to carry upstairs. So I trudge BACK upstairs, grab my rain jacket, fold my clothes into my jacket and FINALLY my laundry is finished and clean!

Tomorrow Beth and I are going to the grocery store to buy things for soup and grilled cheese since we are cooking on Monday. Then we are going to the Parnel, the arts district and having another relaxing afternoon! More to come on what happens!

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May 28- It’s a day to relax

It’s a little past 12 in the afternoon and I’ve already been so busy! I am back at my room for a few minutes to take a rest and regroup before the rest of the day. I woke up a little before 8, got a shower and headed downstairs to catch up on some reading for my class. My room was completely asleep until about 9:30 when I went back up to organize my suitcase. (It was getting a little mess, but it’s hard living out of a bag!) Around 11, Beth and I walked down to meet Dr. Cunningham. We walked with some others from our group down to the farmers market and I bought some Pink Lady freshly picked apples!! YUM!! They are the best apples I have ever eaten in my life! Then I bought a smoothie made with fresh mango, pineapple, banana, and soy milk. I got a picture so that will be posted on facebook later tonight! We walked back up the hill to the hostel and now we are waiting on some laundry to dry, then Beth, Dr. Cunningham and I are going to walk to Cotton On, a clothing store that has AMAZING discounts and to the bookstore for a leisurely afternoon (Bubbie, be jealous, they have the biggest Borders in all of New Zealand about 3 blocks down the street! It’s three levels!!) I’ll post more if anything super interesting happens today, it probably won’t though. I’m taking a break from lots of walking and doing, it’s going to be a busy week and then for the rest of the trip we will be exploring! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Friday night. Congratulations to Luke for your big day!! Wish I could’ve been there, but sending my love from NZ. ❤

PS- Just busted a little part of my lip on my laptop, shed a little blood, but I’ll survive! Lesson learned: Don’t move too quickly with a laptop corner close to your face.

Oh! And let me share a joke with you that I learned yesterday…

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was born with just a head. He was a happy boy though and loved his life. One day, a genie popped up and gave him a wish. This little boy was so excited, he knew just what he was going to wish for. He told the genie that he would love to have a body for his head. So, poof! The boy with the head now had a body. He was kind of disappointed though because he still couldn’t move around, so he wished for two arms. Poof! The boy with the head and body now had two arms. He thought that would make him happy, but he still couldn’t run like he had seen all the other children do. So, for his last wish, he wished for two legs. Poof! The boy was so excited about his new body, arms, and legs that he ran into the street jumping and shouting and BAM! was hit by a bus and died. The moral of this story: stop while you are ahead. (Get it?? Ahead… a head. HA!)

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May 28- It’s the weekend!

Today went by so quickly! Last night I went to bed at 7pm, woke up after an hour when several of the girls in my room started playing music, stayed up for another hour and fell fast asleep from 9-6:30 this morning. Needless to say, I was well rested for the day, which was a wonderful feeling! After taking a shower, getting dressed, and making my breakfast and lunch, we walked down the street to the bus station. We’ve finally gotten a hang of the system and are making all of our buses to get to and from the school! It’s still about a 30-40 minute ride each way, but it gives me time to rest and enjoy the wonderful view of the city and part of the country. Today was assembly for the school which meant that every student, teacher, and administrator gathered together in the hall or gym and watched for an hour as weekly awards were presented, songs were song, and message about a particular topic was given. This weeks’ message was about recycling and “can it in the bin” or throw it away! After assembly, the Wake Forest students were called to the office for a meeting with the principal. We were allowed to ask any questions we had about the school, the country, or any of the procedures that we have seen so far in the week. That lasted until tea time and by the time we made it to the staff lounge, it was time to go back to class! I got to be with grade 5 for the rest of the day and it was so much fun! They have such interesting and funny little personalities! I worked with a group on a math lesson and then it was lunch time. I ate my usual peanut butter and bagel sandwich, cookies, and a special K bar. After lunch was reading time and I got to read to my class! They thought it was so funny when I stopped reading the book to ask a question about a certain sport that was mentioned in the story. Most of the students thought I was crazy for never hearing of it before. I can’t remember what it was called, I know it started with a “q” and Ms. Squires said it was something like our game of horseshoes. After reading, the students broke up into groups of two or three and worked on writing and editing their blogs about swimming. I worked with a girl named Martha to edit her writing and that lasted until the end of the school day. When the bell rang, I headed down to the staff room and sat in on a meeting about special needs children throughout the school. The district manager of the special needs children came to talk to the team leaders about who is progressing, who needs to be checked up on, and who needed to be evaluated to be added to the list. It was a pretty interesting meeting to listen to, very long though. We left the school around 5:20, caught the 5:45 bus at the bus stop about 3 blocks down the road and then headed back the Britamart bus station on Queen street. As I mentioned before, we at dinner at an Asian mart type place. I got something called the chicken lunch box and it was really good! It had deep fried chicken strips, salad with ginger dipping dressing, teryaki chicken with mixed grilled veggies, and steamed rice. Yum!!! Then Beth (one of my friends) and I went to Borders for two hours until they closed at 10. I bought three childrens’ books and they are sooo precious!! Pictures to come on Facebook later! Then we walked back to the room, hung out with some of the other people from our group before they went out on the town. I decided to stay in and work on my classwork before tomorrow so I can go have some fun! We are going back to the farmer’s market and possible the Parnel which is the arts district (lots of cool little Maori shops). I’ll keep the updates coming! Goodnight (or goodmorning) all!

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May 27- On the Bus

I just got on the bus and we are talking about what we are going to do for the weekend. Tonight after school and a meeting, we are meeting Nyved (the librarian from Pt. England) for some kind of Asian food experience and possibly trivia night at a “pub” place. Hopefully there won’t be too many crazy people there, at least Dr. Cunningham will be around! Yesterday we got to meet with Delwyn, one of the assistant principals of the school and she talked a lot about the surrounding communities, where children are coming from, what the home life consists of, and how the ministry worked to make up the curriculum. It was about a 2 hour long meeting until tea and I learned some very interesting things. Most of the children that go to Pt. England are immigrants to New Zealand, their entire family or part of it (sister or mother) came to find work and send money back to the rest of their families on the islands. Children are a large part of the culture of a family, the more children you have, the richer you are, so it’s a big status thing for this community. Most families have at least 5 children for the average, some have up to 12 brothers and sisters. Pt. England covers grades 1 (Kindergarten) to 8 and after they leave primary school, they go to “college” or high school. The drop out rate isn’t very high, they all know that they have to go to school to get a job and help their families. After college, they have the option of going to university, which is actual college. Students from Pt. England get financial aid to continue to university and some go on sports scholarship if they are good enough to play for the university team. The way that the community housing is set up is very different from the United States. The government provides housing for those that need it and this is based off their yearly income. Houses have two to three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living/kitchen area. There are generally four houses to an 1/8 of an acre and more than one family will live in the house. Delwyn said that most of the Pt. England children live with about 16-20 other people in their house. There are a lot of skin problems and lung problems because people are so crowded in the house. Problems like these will affect students’ performance and behavior in school and some students will stop coming to school for weeks because they or someone in their family is sick. Teachers are responsible to conduct house check-ups on their students, even when they are doing well in class. This helps with the home/school connection which Pt. England really values. The ministry (which is similar to their government) is responsible for making the curriculum for grades 1 through 12. These people are not teachers and don’t know about the needs of children in these lower income schools. Regardless, they publish a very very general curriculum for the schools in the district to follow. Some of the objectives that are listed are like: “Appreciate that scientists ask questions about our world that lead to investigations and that open mindedness is important because there may be more than one experience.” Teachers are supposed to take this and mold their lessons to cover this goal. I know that from writing all the lesson plans this past semester, the United States takes a very different approach in providing very detailed descriptions of what students should be learning.

Anyway! That was the extent of the meeting in the morning, it was tea time by the time it was over. After tea, I went to my new classroom (Room 15) with Ms. Squires and the 5 graders. They were so interesting!! This term, they are focusing on integrating and learning all about technology that is offered and most of them have cool blogs and animated videos that they created. I was able to help with a reading lesson, working with a boy who had just transfered to Pt. England. He could read the words, but he didn’t comprehend what they meant so I had to help him make the connections by looking at the pictures and saying different words that he might know. After that, it was lunch time, so I went into the staff room to eat my PB bagel, a banana, and some jaffe (or orange) cookies with chocolate on the bottom. I got to skype some which was wonderful seeing home and the people I love. My class got to go to the library and I read them a book called “The Crazy Hair Day.” Some of the girls asked if they could take pictures with my camera and I let them. They loved it! And this class loves my hair too! One girl asked if I could leave my hair down today so that she could “plait” it or braid it. So I did, maybe I’ll get some pictures of what she does. It’s about time for assembly so I’m going to go to class! I’ll post more about today later. Bye everyone!

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May 25- It looks like rain

School just ended and I’m sitting in the teachers’ lounge relaxing until the bus comes. Tomorrow I am leaving my Room 1 and heading down the hall to Room 11 with the 10 year olds! It should be an interesting switch! Yesterday was so long but it was pretty great just the same. When we got to school, my class was working with reading and writing, they had tea time which is when they are allowed to eat something small from their lunch box and then play for the rest of the time (about 20 minutes). Then they did some math and story time before lunch at 1pm. The whole school eats at 1, gets 15 minutes to eat lunch (or longer if they need) and then they play until 2pm on the fields near the school. Yesterday after lunch, I walked out to the field to play with some of the older students at the school and all the girls seemed to love my hair! They couldn’t stop touching it or asking me TONS of questions! The favorite topic was Disneyworld, it was pretty funny. All of them have enormous families! About 9 to 10 siblings. We are in some of the poorest school districts now working with the children who need it most. Today was generally the same as yesterday and tomorrow I will be coming to school for a meeting at 9 about special needs children and how this school adapts for them through the curriculum. Should be interesting! It’s about time to pack up and catch the bus so I’ll post tomorrow or maybe some tonight. A group of us are cooking tacos for dinner at the hostel, I’m looking forward to it!

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May 23- Point England Primary School

Today was so awesome!!!! I woke up at 5:30am to start getting ready, took a shower, got dressed, made my lunch (bagel with peanut butter, apple, and granola bar) and then ate some oatmeal for breakfast. The group left the hostel to make the 20 minute walk to the bus station around 7. Our bus left us, but thankfully, there was another one that was going to the same place that we caught instead. It took about 30 minutes to make it out of the city, through part of the country and down to the school. We were 20 minutes early so two of the school girls showed us the area around the school because we weren’t allowed into the school until the ceremony started. At 8:45 we were greeted at the gate and led into the “hall” or gym. About 20 of the children in the 6th and 7th grade gave the coolest Maori tribal greeting. After they prayed in their native language, danced, and sang, it was my turn to speak to the school since I was chosen by my professor to be a “tribe leader” of our group. My speech went really well, I just said good morning, asked the school how they were and then thanked them for welcoming us into their school and their country. As a group, we presented them with the Moravian star because it is part of our culture around Wake. I then explained why the star was so important and its meaning to the Moravian people. Afterward, we shook hands and kissed cheeks of all the administrators and then were led into formal tea. Tea is sooo awesome and should be made mandatory to ALL schools everywhere! All the teachers have the time to come into the teacher lounge, drink coffee or tea, and eat scones that are laid out on the center table. We were showed around the school and I went into my classroom. I am in Room 1 which is a “new entry” room. In New Zealand, students start school on their 5th birthday, no matter where it falls in the year. They are placed in the new entry rooms and caught up with the rest of the class. My class has 18 students (which is the cap for all new entry classes) and they are all so precious. I got to work with a small group of them for reading (they kept asking me to read pages over and over again because my accent was “so funny”). I even got to teach a math lesson about counting to 10 and grouping objects. It was so cool!! Then we went to tea at 11, when the students went out to play or eat something small from their lunch boxes. Lunch is at 1 and after lunch, the school has organized sport teams practice for about 30 minutes. The children get tons of outside time, which is great for their energy levels. The last hour and a half went by so quickly. My class was learning about healthy eating and Ms. George (my teacher) made whole wheat sandwiches with baby lettuce, red ripe tomatoes, and “tasty” cheese for the children to eat before they went home. Tomorrow they are going to write a story about what they ate today and how it was healthy. Pt. England has faculty meetings every Monday and our group got to stay and listen. It was all about different uses of Google and was pretty informational. Around 4:30 we walked down to the bus station, caught the bus back to the Britamart train station on Queen street, then trekked all the way back up hill to the hostel. A few girls are cooking a spaghetti dinner (my turn to cook is next Wednesday, I’m doing soups and grilled cheese!) and then I’m heading to bed. It’s going to be another early morning!

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May 22- Auckland Domain

Wow!! Are my legs and back tired tonight! I have done more walking around in these past two days than I think I ever have in my life! And this city is very up and down with MASSIVE hills to climb. My calves are definitely going to be in shape when I come home! Today, I woke up around 7:15 and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. I had an apple that I bought at the farmer’s market yesterday and a half bagel with peanut butter. VERY yummy. Then I got to skype with my parents, it was so nice seeing them. : ) Afterwards, the group met up at one of the tables and planned our day. We decided to go grocery shopping because we won’t have lunches provided at the school we are observing in. It’s about a 20 minute walk down to the ONLY grocery store in the area and boy, was it busy today! Supposedly Sundays are the biggest days to stock up on groceries. I bought some oatmeal packs for breakfasts, some snack “choc biscuits” or chocolate cookies, a few bananas, some apples, and a snickers bar for the long trek back up the hill to the hostel. We put our stuff away and then headed up the hill some more (about another 20 minute walk) to visit the Auckland Domain museum. It closed at 5pm, so we only had about 2 hours to go through all the exhibits, but it was wonderful! (And it was free!) Our group walked back down and stopped to eat dinner at a chinese restaurant. I ordered noodles and “bean sauce” on the side. The bean sauce was very strange, but I ate most of it mixed in with my noodles. Tomorrow is the first day at Point England Primary and I was chosen by Dr. Cunningham to be the “tribe leader” and give a welcome/thank you speech to the students there. We are going to be greeted by an original Maori tribal ceremony (presented by the students) and then we are expected to give a gift, sing a song, and give a speech. So I’m going to go figure out what I’m going to wear, brush my teeth, and head to bed for a big day tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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May 21- Sightseeing in Auckland and Devonport

Today I woke up around 7am and could NOT go back to sleep. So I got up quietly so I wouldn’t wake my roommates and took a super nice hot shower. I took my laptop and class book down into the breakfast/eating/table area of the hostel and uploaded all of my pictures so far (check out my facebook to see all of those). Serena, a girl in my group came down about the same time and we talked about our trip so far and what to expect in the next few weeks. Point England Primary School won’t be providing lunch, so we decided it would be a good idea to find something like a grocery store around and buy some things for our lunches. Ethan, the only guy from our group, and Dr. Cunningham joined us as we left. Not too far down Queen street (where our housing is located) we found a fresh farmer’s market and it was sooo neat! There was even live music to listen to while we sampled and shopped. I bought some bagels and homemade peanut butter for sandwiches and then split a bag of apples with Dr. Cunningham. It was a neat little environment to be a part of. Afterwards, we walked back to the room and met the rest of our group for brunch at a place called Mecca. It was a really nice restaurant and I ordered french toast while was sooo delicious! The group decided to take the ferry over to Devonport island (about a 15 minute ride) and check out the city over there. We did so much walking I thought my feet were going to fall off. There were cute little stores to browse in and tons of coffee shops and cafes. Most of the group decided to stay there for dinner and a movie, but Beth (one of my roommates) and I decided we were ready to go back to Auckland. We got back on the ferry and rode across to find some dinner and do a little more sightseeing for the night. We ate a place called Nandino’s and I got this really good spicy bbq chicken sandwich and chips (or french fries). Then we walked over to a Gelato shop and got a little cup. It’s kinda of like icecream, but the consistancy is different. Mine was watermelon flavored and I ate every bite! We came back to our rooms, got a fresh shower and now we’re about to head to bed! It’s been a long day. Tomorrow I’m just going to rest and get ready for my first day at Pt. England. Talk to you guys soon!

PS- the world doesn’t end on May 21st… so live it up!

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